Disasters: Join the Conversation

It’s amazing how much there is to know about disasters – how to prepare for them, what to do first after they occur, where to find help, and how to deal with the entire process.  Suffering a disaster can be emotionally overwhelming, financially challenging, and one of the most isolating experiences we ever face.  Find your community and don’t go it alone.

Photo by Joe Duty, WCMessenger.com (https://www.wcmessenger.com/2013/update/fire-destroys-home-near-decatur/)

After working in disaster response, I’ve seen the same needs arise over and over again.  When it comes to long-term disaster recovery, the existing governmental and non-profit entities often fall short, leaving the survivors to fend for themselves.  Our Front Porch was created to fill that gap and provide support, community and empowerment to people as they try to rebuild their lives after a disaster.

I’ve spent the last five years working within and learning from the disaster community. Not only has it been an enlightening and educational endeavor, it’s been game-changing for me personally as well. I have re-evaluated my priorities and realized the importance of relationships.  Engaging one on one with disaster survivors has also taught me how essential community is to the disaster recovery process. Recovering from a disaster is not something anybody knows how to do until it happens to them. And of course we all think it won’t happen to us. Connecting with other people who truly understand what you’re experiencing can be a gift when you need it the most.

Our Front Porch provides that sense of community that is so important during the rebuilding process. This blog is just one component of the larger effort to bring people together who share these common interests. By sharing resources, information and support, Our Front Porch strives to ensure that no one has to go it alone.

So join the conversation as we explore the ever-changing world of disaster recovery, learn from each other, and be an agent for positive change!

~Heather Korth


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