The Family Vacation We Didn’t Prepare For

Guest Blogger: Sarah Stone, Our Front Porch Intern 2016-17

It was supposed to be a traditional Spring Break family vacation. I was in the eighth grade. My family and I had spent time on the beach, sippin’ on all-inclusive virgin strawberry daiquiris, and explored local expeditions that gave us a glimpse of Mexican culture. Little did we know what we were about to encounter.

Photo Credit: Sarah Stone

We heard distant rumors of a storm moving in, however we were reassured it would not be a big deal and we would make our flight the following day. The next morning, we woke up with a note under our hotel room door stateing evacuations to a shelter would begin later that morning. My family gathered our belongings and waited in a long line to be sent to a local technology community college for the duration of the hurricane.

Photo Credit: Sarah Stone

The hotel staff said past hurricanes were in and out within 24 hours with a break during the “eye” of the hurricane. We didn’t get so lucky. We spent several days in the two story technology school with 800+ people, then moved to a hotel along the beach that had little damage where we shared a room with another family.

Photo Credit: Sarah Stone

After a few days in the hotel, we heard of a time and place to meet with airline representatives. We caught a cab with another couple and headed to try and get airplane tickets home. After more lines, we were given handprinted airline tickets and loaded on a bus to the airport. The ride home was magical. I swear the world was brighter, the staff was friendlier and being back in America never felt so good.

We didn’t prepare for this. But you can be more ready than we were in case this happens to you with some simple planning

~ Sarah Stone, Our Front Porch Intern 2016-17