Three Things I’ve Learned from Being Part of a Start Up

Guest Blogger: Sarah Stone, Our Front Porch Intern 2016-17

First of all, I can’t believe this internship is half over. I feel like just yesterday, I was completing orientation and getting the OFP 101. I took the time to reflect over the holiday break on the growth and development that I have made as well as Our Front Porch.

Scenes from a start up.

  1. Things change all the time. For the internal planner that I am, this was a struggle for me to adjust to at the beginning of the year. With the constant progress of everyone on the team, it was a learning process to figure out what worked best. I started this position being the solo intern and in charge of all the client contact. Quickly, things shifted to adding another wonderful intern to the team, and working on fundraising/marketing.
  1. Collaboration and communication is key. Each of us have our own strengths, weaknesses and passions that we bring to the table. I’ve enjoyed brainstorming events and client hurdles with the rest of the OFP staff and gathering their input. Group emails and texts are needed to keep everyone up to date and to give our clients the most amount of brain power to work through their lives after a disaster.
  1. This is hard work. Heather and Maggie are implementing a new idea and figuring out how to bring a new concept to life. Furthermore, most of the time, we are working around already full schedules, complicating weather and personal troubles that try and take our attention and energy. However, the important needs of our clients always remain a top priority and we get it done day in and day out.

-Sarah Stone, Our Front Porch Intern 2016-17

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