This is what disaster recovery looks like

Disaster Case


Advocate with insurance companies

Navigate social services and create a budget

Identify missing vital documents and facilitate replacement process

“Knowing that there are food pantries out there blew my mind. I didn’t know how to access them, but OFP helped me get there.”

- Liz

Trauma Recovery


Conduct individual, family, and group therapy

Normalize their response to the event

Create individualized treatment plans

“I’m so happy you kept asking me to talk about my feelings. I really did need it and I feel so much better.”

- Juanita



Housing consultation (budget, location, own vs. rent)

Participate in property showings

Coordinate and negotiate with landlords and realtors

“Finding housing in Denver is crazy in the first place. But being traumatized makes it even harder. Our Front Porch was like our advocate. They got us in, they got us safe, and they got us ready to go.”

- Henry